Home Updates and Ideas That Will Pay Off for San Diego, CA Owners

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Your home is your castle, and you should make it a place you love spending time in. Not only that, but it should also be a source of pride. Keeping your home up to date will help keep it stylish, increase its value and make it a place you want to be. If you’re looking for a company that specializes in home remodeling in San Diego, CA, look no further than the remodeling contractors at Mr. Construction. We’re on the ball with the latest trends and have had a hand in helping many homeowners update their homes in ways that are paying off this year.

Updating the bathroom

One of the most important and most used rooms in your home is the bathroom. A simple and minor bathroom remodel can not only help resale value immediately, but also boost your own satisfaction with your home. On average, it costs about $10,500 for a complete remodel, netting you on average $10,700 at resale. That’s a small return on investment. However, a simple re-caulking or a re-glaze of your tub for a like-new finish can be less expensive improvements that offer a higher return on investment. It’s also a big plus when it comes to the look. Simple replacements of wall coverings and shower doors, along with a fresh coat of paint, can create the illusion of a brand-new bathroom at an affordable price. Some of this you can accomplish yourself, but a business specializing in home remodeling in San Diego, CA can make sure it’s up to professional standards.

Kitchen creativity

Another critical room is the kitchen. You’ll be spending a lot of time there, and it’s one of the top rooms homebuyers and visitors look at. A minor kitchen remodel averages around $15,000 and recoups a little less than the cost of the remodel. You should plan for a kitchen remodel when you need a cosmetic update, and not a drastically new room. Some of the best updates for 2018 home remodeling in San Diego, CA are recessed lights running between two joists, covering old vinyl with floor leveler and brightening up the kitchen by sanding and painting existing cabinets.

Attention to the attic bedroom

The average attic bedroom in a two- or three-bedroom house costs around $40,000. Remodeling this space can get you about 105 percent return on investment, the best in the U.S. The update cost is for a 15’ x 15’ bedroom, along with a bath with shower and a closet. A company that specializes in home remodeling in San Diego, CA can help customize what you want while giving you an estimate of what it would cost. Some of the best ways to update this space this year include adding insulation and choosing a solar-powered attic fan to lower utility bills.

Even minor remodels can be a bit expensive, but they can also be worth it, both in the long run for your bank account and for your peace of mind. An up-to-date house that makes you happy is an important part of living a happy and comfortable life. Mr. Construction is a family-owned home remodeling company in San Diego, CA. We’re committed to giving our customers high-quality remodeling services every time. Contact us for a free estimate!

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