Bedroom Addition Services in San Diego, CA

Expecting a new addition to the family soon? Need to give your growing kids bedrooms of their own? Adding an extra bedroom to your home is a great way to make sure everyone has their own space. From diffusing tension to adding value to your property itself, everyone benefits from bedroom additions in San Diego, CA!

Mr. Construction is ready to assist you in expanding your home with a bedroom addition. From master suites to small single bedroom additions, we’re intent on helping you get the space you need to live comfortably.

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Master Suites

A master suite is the epitome of luxury in your home. Having a huge bedroom, adjacent bathroom and ample closet space makes enjoying your living arrangement easy every day. We can add the bedroom, bathroom or both to your home to complete your master suite layout. We’re also able to remodel second-story spaces to transform them into a true master suite.

Single Bedroom Additions

Sometimes a single bedroom is all it takes to give people the private space they need. From a kid-sized bedroom to something that’ll support a teen or adult, we can add bedrooms of any size to your home, directly integrating them into the floorplan in a way that’s convenient and accessible.

Bedroom Expansions

Some homes have bedrooms that just aren’t practical for the needs of the family living in them. If you have a bedroom that’s hard to use or unfit for your family, give us a call. We handle bedroom renovations in San Diego and La Mesa CA, including expanding and changing the dimensions of the room to better fit your expectations. We’ll handle everything, including closets.

Get the Space You Need

Whether you need a new bedroom or have extensive changes for an existing one, Mr. Construction will make sure your spatial needs are met. From master suites to individual bedrooms, we’re the authority on additions, expansions and renovations. Call Alan directly at 619-846-1566 to begin discussing your bedroom addition needs.