Additional Dwelling Units in San Diego, CA

Is your family growing while your home seems to be shrinking? Need more square footage, but don’t want to leave the home you love? The solution is simple: An additional dwelling unit in San Diego, CA! No matter what type of space you need, Mr. Construction is ready to help you renovate your property and grow your footprint. Whether that means building up or out, rest assured we’re ready to take on the project.

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Additional Dwelling Units

ADUs add tremendous value to a home! They are great for renting, if you have an elderly relative coming to live with you, or simply want to create a separate living area of your home for guests. These are usually installed above a garage or as an entire second story. Additional Dwelling Units are a great way to accommodate family and guests, while ensuring everything has their own private space.

Space Expansions

Some of the best additional dwelling units in San Diego and North County, CA are ones that add to your existing space. Kicking out the walls of your kitchen can dramatically increase the size of this important room. Adding another bathroom brings you everyday convenience. Wherever you choose to add space, we’ll make sure your addition feels like part of the original house.

Home Office

Since the pandemic, many people have been working from home and will be continuing to work remote. In order to make this situation more comfortable, we recommend adding an extra room to the home office!

Expand Your Home

Whatever type of space you need, Mr. Construction will add it to your home seamlessly. No matter the scope of the addition, we take care to make sure it preserves the home you love, while giving you the extra space you need. To talk with our team about your additional dwelling unit needs, Call Alan directly at 619-846-1566